Always Purchasing Antiques and Collectibles.
Single Items, Private Collections, Estate Contents, etc...
Purchases are made outright but on occasion we may take consignments or can refer you to a Specialist and work on a commission.

Estate Liquidation...
Estate Liquidation is a service we offer that involves an outright purchase.
Contents of Homes are removed and we may offer to leave rooms in a broom swept condition (no hazardous materials please).
We have over 40 years experience in Liquidation and have helped many Relatives, Beneficiaries, Court Appointed Executors, etc... to resolve Estate Issues.

Call for Appraisal Fees. Prices vary if Item(s) are brought to me or to the amount of time I spend on In-House appraising and if the Appraisal is written or given verbally.
Written Appraisals for Personal, Insurance or on the request of Probate Court.
Verbal Appraisals would be the least expensive fees. Many customers are simply looking for Item(s) of highest value in the Estate.

Modest Fee for Seniors Group, Church or Private Club / Organization Appraisals.
My Appraisal Nights are always a hit. A great way to raise a little money for your Organization and also promises to be an Educational Event with a touch of humor.

On-Line Appraisals may be also an option. Inquire because Digital Photography must be provided by the Customer of the Items to be Appraised.

Dick Blaschke

*** References Available on Request ***

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